Nature's Inspirations Collection

This collection of jewelry is directly inspired by our love for the Black Hills of South Dakota as well as all the beautiful flora and fauna that we see in our experience. Wildlife and the wildflowers are depicted in stunning detail and our wish is to bring our favorite expressions of natural beauty with us into our day to day lives.


Immigrants from around the world who settled in the Great Plains as well as the entire United States brought with them artwork that became the foundation of Western Art.  As a first generation immigrant from Hungary, Ildiko recognizes the connection that these old world designs had on the adornments and floral motifs which could be found on music sheets, furniture, and later translated to tooled saddle art and other everyday decorative outlets.  We wish to carry on the tradition of these depictions of beautiful flowing vines, flowers, and other nature inspired elements and also move into new territory of design ourselves.  It is what inspires us, we hope it will do the same for you!