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Elk Ivory Jewelry

Every elk has two "ivories" that were tusks millions of years ago in their evolutionary past.  The reason that they can be carved easily comes from their collagen properties, unlike teeth which split easily.  Some of the ivories are spike shaped and that is where the heart shaped cabochon cuts comes from.  These variances in the ivories give us endless ideas for carving them into different shapes and creating earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets.

We offer men’s & ladies’ rings with our elk ivories or with the customers provided ivories.  Our customers can be sure that we fit our setting to their ivories, not the other way around.  Our rings show sculptural designs that are unafraid of depth and uncompromising on the subject which we wish to focus on.  Roger's men's rings combine the ancient human history of hunting of the elk while Ildiko places the ivories into settings that are attractive in design.  Every piece requires unique hand shaping that make each item a multi-layered dimensional creation.  Two major catagories are apparent in the designs: 1)the ivory is either in a bezel setting, or 2) the elk rack serves as a prong setting that holds the ivory in place.  In an extra step we take to ensure comfortable wearing of the ring, these prongs are also painstakingly countersunk into the ivory on men's rings, to prevent snagging.

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