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Our Story

Roger & Ildiko Wagoner

What sets RWD Inc. apart from other jewelry companies?  Quality, integrity, and fairness to the customer.  When our customer purchases a piece of jewelry or sculpture from RWD, they can be sure that it was hand-made by the artist to a very high standard; no mass-production here.  We also feel that our integrity shows in our pricing.  Nowhere else will you find fine hand-made jewelry of exceptional quality for such modest pricing.  We always try to give the customer more than they expect.  We are willing to spend the extra time and effort to make sure our customers get what they paid for.

Roger Wagoner Designs Inc. is a family owned and operated team of three individuals.  Roger Wagoner, wife Ildiko Wagoner, and Ildiko’s son Peter Ivanyi.  Each brings their own unique vision and talents to the company.


Roger Wagoner spent many years in the show horse business in his home state of Indiana.  He raised, trained, and showed many champion Quarter horses and Appaloosas.  Roger’s artistic career took off after he moved to the Black Hills and began working as a sculptor.  Later, he had the opportunity to create a miniature wildlife sculpture line for a prominent black hills gold jewelry company.  His experience as a designer in the jewelry industry enabled him to launch his own jewelry line.  This was when Roger met Ildiko, whom he worked together with in the same company.  Roger has also created life sized and larger than life sized sculptures in clay, foam, and other mediums for casino displays which are displayed all over the world.  His Black Hills inspired sculptures, whether it’s for a piece of jewelry or cast to stand on their own, are vivid statements of his respect and connection to nature and his intent to call our attention to preserving it.

Ildiko Wagoner brings a different perspective to the team.   She has more than 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing jewelry.  She became involved with designing jewelry as a teenager when she handmade and marketed beaded jewelry and clothing in her homeland of Hungary.  While working for a prominent Black Hills Gold Jewelry company, Ildiko earned the honor of being certified by The Gemological Institute of America, a leading jewelry designing and producing school.  Her experience in the industry and her schooling has given Ildiko the insight and tools to address the technical aspects of design and production for a successful company.  She also aids in the difficult task of taking customers’ ideas and turning them to reality through concept drawing, carving wax, and finally casting in metal.  This also includes making molds, final assembly, finish polishing, and readying each new piece of wearable art for sale.  Studying and researching market trends and being a primary force in sales strategy is also a large part of her role.  Having moved to America from Budapest, Hungary in the mid 80’s, when Hungary was still under communist rule, she feels grateful for the opportunities and values that make America great and allow her to do what she does.

Son, Peter contributes sculptural talents as well as graphic design and marketing direction to the company.

We stand behind our pieces 100% and caring for them is our pleasure.  We offer free cleaning, refreshing, or refinishing as part of our LIMITED LIFETIME GUARANTEE.  Ship your item back to us or visit us in person during a show or event and we will be glad to rejuvenate your RWD Inc. jewelry and ship it back to you free of charge.

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