Custom Design

Custom Jewelry Design

It’s a big responsibility to create a piece of jewelry for our special customers.  Your special heirlooms are treated with the utmost care when creating a new piece of jewelry.  We will work closely with you to create the piece that you have in mind.  Beginning with in person or phone conversations, we will develop an idea of what you hope to see.  The idea will be rendered in a life-size pencil sketch(s) that will be provided to you for approval.  You are also provided with a price quote for the finished item(s).  Upon your approval of the sketch(s) and payment of 50% of the total price quoted, a wax master is produced and the customer will have another chance to give final approval and provide the remaining 50% payment for the finish product to be produced.

We also offer business to business design services for lines that may be produced outside of RWD Inc.  Up to the point of producing models, these lines would be manufactured, branded, and marketed by our customer.  We are open to all ideas and wish to help you make that dream a reality.


We will include more information and examples of our custom work soon. The best way to get in touch with us about any custom work you would like is to call or use the contact form on our website.


Thank you.

RWD Inc.